Texas vs Alaska HaHa!

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Today's Joke: A guy walks into an Alaskan bar...


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3:45 AM (16 hours ago)
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Pretty Good Joke of the Dayfrom A Prairie Home Companion®

A guy walks into an Alaskan bar wearing a 10-gallon hat. He announces, "I'm from Texas, and I'm fed up with living in the second largest state. How do I become a citizen of Alaska?" A bush pilot steps up and says, "It's simple. All you have to do is drink a quart of whiskey, wrestle a bear, and make love to a woman, all in the same night." "Fair enough! One quart of whiskey, barkeep!" The Texan downs the liquor. A little wobbly now, he turns and runs from the bar. An hour later, the cowboy returns. His clothes are torn and bloody. His face is scratched and one eye is blackened. He addresses the bush pilot. "Now, where's this woman I have to wrestle?" 
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